The People Behind the 95 Voices

Amy Becker, when not at her publishing job, can be found perusing various online news outlets, singing karaoke, and worrying about money (ok, ok - yes, she does these things at her publishing job too). She's thrilled to be part of the 95 Voices – it connects her with people in a way that helps her rise above the punditry, the masquerading, the financial woes.

Meredith Gondo is a New York native currently living in Jersey City, NJ. She has a background in psychology and is attending a graduate program at the New School in downtown Manhattan. Some issues she feels are important in today’s America are affordable education, accessible healthcare and improvements to environmental policies.

Becky Kerievsky has been calling NYC her home for her whole life, but only lived here in the last 2 years working in the medical sector as a special projects coordinator. She loves the excitement and diversity of the city. While at times it seems overwhelming, simple conversations make it nearly perfect.

Andrea Lepcio is a playwright. She teaches as well, because education is one thing she is concerned about, knowing that it gave her opportunity and wanting to offer that opportunity to others.

Daniel Frederick Levin writes musical theater and daylights as a third-grade teacher at St. Ann’s in Brooklyn. He had the idea for a new 95 theses while walking past a prominent New York City door and thinking about the legendary act of Martin Luther.

Elizabeth Merker was born in Queens & has lived in New York City all her life. Educated in the public school system, she likes to clean up messes.

Adam Steinberg is a musical theatre lyricist and songwriter from Chicago. He has edited a technical magazine for Microsoft, produced kids' CD-ROMs, edited film/video, written 2 TV show proposals for Noggin, published an EarthDay magazine, run the Open Doors teen arts program, sung at folk festivals, been a puppeteer, and (currently) is a
marketing specialist for actors. And still searching...

Josh Wellman is originally from Cleveland, where he attended Baldwin-Wallace College. He is now a graduate student in NYU's Musical Theatre Writing Program, and he is active in various political endeavors.

James Wen hails from Jamaica, Queens, and as one of the rare New Yorkers who grew up climbing trees, holds a special place for environmental issues. James is founder and president of the mobile technology company, Positive Motion, Inc., and sits on the executive board of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of New York as immediate past president.